Beneath The Microscope: What Are Pre, Professional And Postbiotics?

For those who’re coping with dry, irritated, uninteresting or crimson pores and skin, then selecting probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic-based skincare is an effective way to assist the pores and skin barrier and the well being of your pores and skin microbiome. These signs could also be a results of an unbalanced pores and skin microbiome and a compromised pores and skin barrier. Learn on to study concerning the distinction between pre, professional and postbiotics and why these elements might enhance your pores and skin’s well being and luminosity.

The Distinction Between Prebiotics, Probiotics And Postbiotics

Earlier than we dive into the prolonged definition, you possibly can sum up the variations in a single sentence: Prebiotics feed probiotics which, in flip, produce postbiotics. Complicated? Let’s unpack that idea a bit of bit extra. 


Prebiotics are substances (dietary fibers) that gas the nice micro organism in your pores and skin’s floor. These dietary fibers are naturally present in high-fiber meals like yams, asparagus, bananas and apples. For the digestive system, you could bear in mind that prebiotics are typically known as “intestinal fertilizers” for probiotics, which promote good micro organism in your intestine. 


Probiotics are good micro organism that assist the pores and skin’s moisture barrier operate and work to overthrow any unfriendly micro organism. Probiotics may be present in dietary supplements or from sure fermented meals. However probiotics will also be present in skincare merchandise to steadiness the pores and skin’s microbiome. Normally, when the advantages of probiotics, consultants are referring to the intestine flora that guarantee your metabolic actions are wholesome. Nonetheless, probiotics also can assist with pores and skin signs resembling uninteresting, dry, itchy or crimson pores and skin. 

When utilized topically, probiotics work along with prebiotics to assist the operate of the pores and skin barrier and to visibly renew the pores and skin. Probiotics assist pores and skin barrier well being and supply a protection towards environmental stressors resembling UV rays and air pollution or way of life components resembling smoking and weight loss plan. 


Probiotic micro organism produce postbiotics after they devour prebiotics (fiber). Postbiotics are the compounds or metabolites which might be left behind, in accordance with Harvard Well being.

You’ll be able to learn an in depth account concerning the completely different sources of probiotics in meals on this information, however some meals that may increase the focus of postbiotics in your intestine embrace:

  • Sourdough bread
  • Miso soup
  • Delicate cheeses
  • Kefir
  • Yogurt
  • Buttermilk
  • Pickles
  • Tempeh
  • Sauerkraut

And when utilized to the pores and skin, postbiotics reveal a easy, radiant glow. Let’s discover pre, professional* and postbiotic skincare subsequent.

What Is Biotic Pores and skin Care?

Biotic skincare helps to keep up a balanced microbiome, which is the gathering of microorganisms and good micro organism that stay in your pores and skin. It’s additionally designed to nourish the microbiome in order that the pores and skin barrier stays intact and away from dangerous micro organism. Biotic skincare additionally comprises pre, professional and postbiotics, elements that assist the microbiome. 

Our merchandise within the Kombucha Microbiome Assortment are formulated with pre, professional* and postbiotics to consolation the pores and skin and assist the microbiome’s pure steadiness. This assortment additionally visibly replenishes the moisture barrier to disclose a fair and healthy-looking complexion. It’s vital to notice that this assortment doesn’t include stay probiotic cultures; relatively it comprises a probiotic lysate ferment. Translation? Probiotic lysates are the remnants of previously stay probiotic micro organism. These lysates are important in supporting and balancing the pores and skin setting, and so they improve the operate of the pores and skin’s moisture barrier by repairing pores and skin and sustaining pores and skin well being. 

You will discover the next elements in numerous merchandise inside the the Kombucha Microbiome Assortment: 

  • Probiotic (lactococcus ferment lysate)*: Helps and balances the pores and skin microbiome, enhances the operate of the pores and skin moisture barrier to restore dry pores and skin and preserve healthy-looking pores and skin.
  • Prebiotic: Gas that’s utilized by microorganisms, leading to a balanced pores and skin microbiome.
  • Kombucha ferment (Postbiotic): Derived from fermenting black tea, this superfood is wealthy in postbiotics that visibly refresh and renew the pores and skin.
  • White tea: Wealthy in antioxidants, helps preserve healthy-looking pores and skin, combats the looks of pores and skin dullness and encourages glow.
  • Jasmine flower: Relieves redness and soothes dry pores and skin leading to a fair pores and skin tone.

Watch Lead Pores and skin Care Coach Natalie Pergar reply your questions on pre, professional* and postbiotics and the Kombucha Microbiome Assortment.

Are you contemplating utilizing skincare with prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics? We’d love to listen to from you. Tell us your ideas within the feedback or be a part of the dialog on social media.

*Doesn’t include stay probiotic cultures.

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