Is There a Particular Jail for Shopping for a Pioneer Girl Bathe Pouf?

Query. Is there a particular jail for purchasing a Pioneer Girl Bathe Pouf? Do I am going straight to jail if I bought one thing like that? I wouldn’t do it clearly. I’m simply asking for a buddy.

I did it. Sorry?

I imply, can I exploit the excuse it was fairly? Additionally, my boyfriend had actually simply given me a pack of watermelon Hello-Chew and I ate like six of them although he stated, “Don’t eat a ton of them! They make you hyper!” He actually meant to say, “Don’t eat a ton of them since you’ll find yourself at Walmart shopping for the Pioneer Girl’s Bathe Poufs!”

Hear, I’ll use any excuse within the guide for this buy. ANY! I don’t usually go to Walmart however after I do I purchase bathe poufs from Meals Bloggers turned TV Meals Personalities. I don’t know if I ought to really feel guilt, remorse, or disgrace.

I’m leaning in direction of, “This factor was fairly! I remorse nothing!” How’s that? I’m maintaining it too as a result of it’s really not a foul bathe pouf! In case you’re feeling the necessity to jazz up your bathe so it feels extra such as you’re residing that Little Home On The Prairie fantasy with Almanzo sliding into the bathe to clean your again I’d extremely suggest a visit to Walmart to seize this pouf.

That’s all. Have an excellent day you lovely people!

P.S. I’m nearly optimistic I’m going to be tremendous clear utilizing this as a result of Ree Drummond had a hand in making this!

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